E-commerce dominating the New Normal!

Since the omnipresence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the term “New Normal” has come into existence. We all are witnessing incogitable shifts in our Lifestyle, Health consciousness, social interactions & awareness. Lockdowns, quarantines, isolated sheltering & social distancing led us to wrench our subsistence into New Normal.

Domination of E-Commerce in New Normal

The pandemic impediments restrict people from Direct Buying(Purchase of goods directly from Manufacturers, Distributors, or Retailers). This scenario propels folks to ingress E-commerce services. Let’s see how E-Commerce dominates in New Normal

Digital Centres of Ecommerce Retail Experience

Web: Web applications helmed a vital role since the outset of Ecommerce.Now PWA (Progressive Web Apps) are imperative in web platforms.

Mobile: Native apps are the prevalent Ecommerce center which can be installed from apropos App stores (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

The shift of Local Retailers to E-commerce

The rising demands of E-commerce from consumers is the stimulating factor for local retailers to get in on it.

Post COVID-19 pandemic people prefer to avoid direct Retail Visits.

Retailers can overcome geographical limitations.

Safety of Online Orders During COVID-19

According to the CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there is only a low risk of spread from products that are packed and shipped many days before the delivery.


Corona Scares and Panic Buying

As the COVID-19 spread is declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization the people responded by stocking up medical essentials (Masks, Hand Sanitizers…).


COVID-19 Impacts in Ecommerce

Even after the COVID-19 effects quieten down in the US, 68% of shoppers are expected to continue their online shopping for essential goods.

According to Salesforce Research surveyed from more than 3500 consumers, 36% of shoppers went back to direct retail purchases until a COVID Vaccine is within reach.

Bottom Line

The contemporary digital ecosystem is above the prediction that facilitates the domination of E-commerce. The new normal shopping circumstances are endorsing online retailers & vendors. New Normal scenario depicts the elevation of folks in Digitalization backed by pandemic panics. Direct retail buying will attenuate in the future due to the E-commerce pre-eminence. Ergo, E-commerce domination will be a global ubiquity in New Normal.

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